How to Participate

To participate, you can join our Discord server by clicking on the green Discord button below. In addition to scheduled events you’ll be able to chat with other attendees, browse the Dealers’ Den (during the Art Bazaar weekend), and join in on spontaneous activities.

There are also a number of activities happening on our live stream, accessible through any web browser. To find out what is planned throughout the month of March, just check our schedule below.

Join the conversation and create engagement by using our official hashtag #NFCatHome!

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Weekends in March

Art Bazaar & Charity

Our Art Show and the Dealers’ Den departments are joining forces with the Charity department this year to give us something new: the Art Bazaar! It will take place on Discord during the first weekend of March, from Friday, March 5th until Sunday, March 7th.

Art Bazaar

March 5-7

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Music Festival Weekend

For all those with a passion for music, our Music Festival is filled with music events and concerts – and for those who can’t stand a good beat, we have a few other options.

Music Festival

March 12-13

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Fursuit Extravaganza

During our Fursuit Extravaganza, on Saturday, March 20th, we will see a return of the Fursuit Charades, a special video fursuit parade, and many other fluffy fursuit-related activities!

Fursuit Extravaganza

March 19-20

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Gaming Gala

While our Arcade department will host gaming events throughout the entire month, during the final weekend, Saturday, March 27th, they will showcase a few live events as well as highlight the concluding tournaments and gaming accomplishments of the month.

Gaming Gala

March 26-27

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Charity: Odsherred Zoo Rescue

Odsherred Zoo Rescue is Denmark’s first and only rescue center for exotic animals. They provide a shelter for 600 animals from 100 species that were rescued from experimental laboratories, fur farms, private persons, smaller zoos or other unpleasant living conditions.

Don't miss our charity events (see the schedule button at the top) and the bonus content that might be unlocked during the convention. More charity information and our stretch goals can be found by clicking the link below.

Reccommended Software

To watch the live stream, all you need is a standard web browser! By logging in on the NFC homepage, you will be able to watch the stream in better quality and it also gives you the ability to join our Discord server.

Discord has both downloadable software and a web browser version. See Discord’s website.

If you want to participate in some of the games you might need the game or an account with their services. You can find a list of recommended software here.

Support NFC @ Home

Do you want to help support NordicFuzzCon and maybe score yourself some cool swag? Then please check out our online store and maybe consider becoming a sponsor. Both sponsorships and purchases help cover the costs involved with making this unique online event happen – and helping the next on-site NordicFuzzCon get even better!

Download your pet cat
Make sure your ISP and router is compliant with the latest internet protocols to download your pet. Once that is done, please click here to start the download.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I participate without virtual reality gear?

Yes. Events are either on the live stream, or on the Discord server. Though you could always use the Discord server to find other virtual furs to hang out with!

How do I play games at NFC@Home?

There are chats on the Discord server where you can find the different games and information on how to play. Check the recommended software list for some games you might need to own.

What software is needed?

You can manage most from a modern browser on any device. But you might want the Discord app. We have a list for most programs and games that are used so you should check through that and create necessary logins ahead of time.

Where is the schedule located?

The interactive schedule can be found here.

How do I login to discord?

Use the Discord link after the server has been opened to the public on March 5th, 16:00 CET..

Can I support NFC in any other way?

Yes, through the online shop. Not only can you get some exclusive items where any profit goes to the convention, but there are also donation-only products that directly support NFC@Home and the next offline NFC.