Eat & Drink

Alcohol Sampling

NordicFuzzCon greets you with the fourth annual alcohol sampling event! This year we will offer our samplers a wild selection of alcoholic beverages from unexpected countries. The beverage may be familiar, but the country of origin may surprise you, as might their take on the flavour.

BBQ buffet with Stripe

Our own chef from the Party Team will - with his helpers - show off his skills at the grills! The party boat deck will be loaded with foods and scents as we layer up a buffet for you. Get a ticket, grab a plate, and enjoy what we can offer.

Vegetarian, vegan and pescatarian alternatives will be available as long as you let us know your preference when getting a ticket.

Dying Dog Dinner

A promise from [email protected] was to reinstate the Dying Dog Dinner. So Sunday, after the closing ceremony, we will make our way over to a restaurant to break bread, where they will treat us to an Italian style dinner. After a good time and good meal together, we return to the convention to keep the end going for as long as we can!
Do remember to let us know if you have any special dietary needs like gluten intolerance, so we can make sure there is a selection for you as well.

International Snack Exchange

We hope to bring back the traditional snack exchange, this time we hope to see some nostalgic childhood candies, but as usual, you can bring most things. No open flames though.

Maid Café

NFC’s famous maid cafe will, of course, do an encore for 2023! We welcome all guests to the café. More information can be found on the Maid Café page.

Afternoon Waffles

Wednesday Waffles has been a cherished tradition for the past years at NordicFuzzCon. We will continue this tradition at Malmö and if the hotel does not provide for us, we will have to make it an excursion to a local waffle place!



Of course there is Fur-e-Oke in toy town as well.

Fursuit Games

We definitely need to hand some toys to the fursuiters and see them compete to each other in a fluffy manner.


Drawing Corner

For all the furs interested in drawing, creating art, or just hanging around with other furs, this place is perfect for you. There will be space and tools for people to take advantage of. Feedback has been heard and we are trying our best to improve the Drawing Corner for each upcoming convention! 


Nerf Gun War

Hopefully, there will be space and time for another very soft and fun war.


The arcade is coming with us to the new venue, and they might even discover some local items.

And much more…

Things that deserves a comeback

Music Café

An old tradition we did not have last convention. So if there is interest for an amateur night with live performances, let us know. Here is your opportunity to show off your own things, a little lighter but still with a lot of skill.

Storyteller’s Circle

No storytellers circle happened either last convention, but please, bring your stories. Come along with your short stories and listen to what others brought too!

We need help from you!

A lot of panels and events are run by attendees, including theme specific ones. Have a look around the website or give ConOps a visit during the convention if you feel like helping out. Alternatively - here’s a list of examples from previous and hopefully upcoming conventions if you need some inspiration:

  • Animal makeup get together
  • Making of jewellery
  • How to make good furry convention videos
  • Songwriter's round table
  • Cards Against Humanity/Furries
  • Contemporary animal ethics
  • Anything My Little Pony
  • Anything else you can imagine

Excursion: Meet Skåne

This excursion takes us far and wide. We have three different stops that the buses take in different order, one of them being a beautiful dining location. We leave the hotel at 12:00 on Tuesday.


It is therefore very important that you do not forget to fill in the food requirement after you have registered. If you want an early lunch, you get the bus for that. If you had a big breakfast and want a nice dinner later, you take that bus.


The bus comes with a host that will help you pick the right one and make sure you are with us to the very end back to the hotel.

Toy Museum

A fun thing to look forward to is a visit to a very thematic place. We are going up to Eslöv to visit the toy museum there. A place packed wall to wall with toys, so you can enjoy the railway, LEGO and shelves just filled with old nostalgia.

Skrylle National Park

Another destination, that has some weather dependency is a visit at Skrylle national park. Make sure to pack your fursuit if you want to have your photo taken out in the wild! We have access to dressing rooms for you, so you can suit up and get a shower afterwards. Covered spaces include shelters and rooms, but of course we hope to be able to enjoy the nature, play some games, learn some things about the Swedish Freedom to roam (allemansrätt) or any of the other activities that the park offers.


The meal of the trip is at Gastro Gaspari, at a large smithy in Flyinge a restaurant has been erected and is happy so serve us all at different times of the day. Since the menu is based on local produce and availability it is not set yet, but make sure to let us know of any dietary requirements you have, so the chefs can prepare something suitable for you.


For those who want something extra, there is the option of visiting Perfectly Squared Brewing. This is a local brewery, where we will not only get to see the brewing process and speak with them, but also have a tasting session and decide if we want them to make an NFC beer for us. This add-on event costs a bit more and will give you less time at the national park, but on the other hand it gives you the time to enjoy a tasty craft beer with good friends.


For the trip you will also get chocolates from Malmö chokladfabrik, which is a local chocolate maker providing high-quality produce packed with flavour. You can enjoy them en route between destinations.

Charity Concert: The SnOwOflakes!

LADIES AND GENTLE-FURS! Step right up and see the live music shows on the main stage by The SnOwOflakes! They are NordicFuzzCon's well-groomed furry band who have performed live at each year’s convention since 2017. Be sure to check out this year’s Charity and After Dark Concerts! And who knows - you might even catch them playing in the lobby. 

The SnOwOflakes take the shape of a big band with a classic pop/rock foundation (drums, bass, guitar, keyboards and vocals) and a brass ensemble which lets them cover a large variety of genres. From classical and hard rock to swing and blues, they got you covered!

During [email protected] (NFC's virtual edition) they hosted a show - with Crowfangs as the MC - showcasing a broad set of styles ranging from Disney songs to their own hard rock interpretation of Phantom Of The Opera! 

And if you missed the show... Good news! You can find the whole thing on their YouTube channel here!

Want to know what they are up to these days? Follow them on their Twitter page here!

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