Ongoing Activities

Maid Café: Toy Box Café

NordicFuzzCon’s famous Maid Café welcomes everyone to our café, with the new theme Toy Town as the Toy Box Café. Our fluffy maids and butlers will ensure you receive the greatest fika with the best company and a fun atmosphere! Have some tea and cake with a fluffy friend.

We hope to see you in 2023!


DJs and Dances

Music brings us together. Dancing away the night with friends, old and new. Losing yourself in the rhythm.

The CULTURE Project is back, bringing fantastic DJs and artists to the Main Stage, with full-on theming and production values.


We know how much you love partying and the party wing worked well in the previous hotel. Unfortunately due to technical reasons, it was not possible to offer a similar party wing in the new hotel and we are currently negotiating an alternative arrangement to replace the party wing with something even better. To compensate for this, we are once again arranging the Party Boat, which is located a walking distance from the main hotel. Furthermore, we are working on future projects similar to the Party Bus and Party Boat in order to improve the party experience and offer something new and refreshing for our attendees. 

Are room parties allowed?

Like every year, room parties and other social gatherings are of course allowed at all the hotels, as long as they do not get extremely noisy. Please keep the noise down after midnight. Rules for partying at the convention that are posted on location apply. Please see the hotel FAQ here.

For buffer and quiet rooms additional rules apply.

Party Boat

Party Boat - All Paws On Deck!

NordicFuzzCon is happy to bring back the Party Boat for our party-loving attendees! "Blå Båten" is a spacious, two-floored Party Boat, anchored a mere three minute walk away from the main hotel, and will be hosting nightly parties organised by our attendees - in collaboration with the Party Team. The rustic - yet elegant - Party Boat includes a stage that can be fitted to their liking, be it a DJ, musicians or a host for different activities. After dancing until your paws have burnt off, stop by the bar area and enjoy a refreshing drink! 

The possibilities are endless, as party organisers have the freedom to shape their party to their desires. With the capacity to hold 150 people, no fur shall be left behind, as the boat will be open to all NordicFuzzCon attendees with a valid convention badge. In addition to it not being within the hotel compound, or in a public area, anyone will be able to bring and consume their own food and drinks on board. Come down to the boat during NordicFuzzCon 2023 and party while the night is young!

As our slogan 'All Paws on Deck' implies, you will be able to shape your party after your own ambitions. If you’re interested in organising a party on our Party Boat, take a look at the page linked below for more information!


Are NordicFuzzCon attendees able to party anywhere else besides at the Party Boat?

Yes, people can party at numerous locations. Attendees can still hold their own room parties within their hotel rooms, whether open to everyone, or private - although it’s still necessary that they follow our convention rules, and don’t disturb neighbouring rooms with noise. More information can be found in our Rules of Conduct and on the Hotel FAQ page.

Is this a free event or does it require a ticket? 

The Party Boat is completely free for any attendee to attend. However, there are a small number of ticketed events. More info can be found in the NordicFuzzCon event schedule.

Can I purchase alcohol or food at the Party Boat? 

No, you are not able to purchase alcohol or food.

Am I allowed to bring my own food and drinks to the Party Boat?

Yes, but with the exception of peanuts, citrus fruits and other goods that may cause airborne allergic reactions for other attendees. Remember to be considerate of others! Furthermore, if you plan to bring your own alcohol into the Party Boat, please transport it discreetly, and you cannot have open containers of alcohol or drink while not onboard the boat.

How long will we be able to party?

The opening and closing time for each party depends on the party organisers and us in the Party Team. But rest assured, you will be able to party from late evening to well past midnight. Specific times will be announced and published along with our schedule via the NordicFuzzCon social media and this page.

Will we set sail?

That would be fun but, alas no! The boat will be anchored at all times.

Photografur Exposè


NordicFuzzCon supports its artists and recognises their talents. To that end the convention will be awarding select photography!


Film: Any analogue photography media (excluding Instant).
Digicam: Photos taken with pre-2009 cameras with CCD sensors and early smartphones.
Digital: Modern digital photography using either cameras or smartphones.
'Shopped: Photography that has been heavily edited past the source material.
Instant*: Any photos taken using Polaroid, or Fuji Instax instant film!

*Help us make memories by putting your Instant photos taken during the con onto the panel for our attendees to see!

Rules & Conditions

Due to limited panels we might have to turn down some photography from being shown.  All photographs shown must adhere to the con rules regarding public decency. Also due to this we'll be limiting photos to a maximum of A4 size, but ask to try to submit photos of 5x7 or similar dimensions. 

If you are not able to print the photos yourself, lower quality versions can be printed on site, but there are no guarantees and with limited availability. Please email [email protected] with the image files, and your social media information.