Intrested in lending a PAW?

Here is your chance to help out!

Consider joining our SOUP!

Regardless of your skills and prior experience, we’d love to see you becoming a part of our NordicFuzzCon family.

When joining NFC as a SOUP (Some Other Useful Personale) member, you will collaborate closely with our STEW (short for STaff and crEW) on a wide variety of tasks.

You will be able to choose when and on which tasks you want to help out, while also being able to take a look behind the scenes of the convention. In addition to that, check out the following perks for you to enjoy.

SOUP — Our Next Endeavour:

Level-Up With Us


Level Up, Grab Some Loot, And Enjoy Our Perks!

Level Up!

Get rewards when you help around the con as a SOUP member. With more loot to be had as you reach a higher level.

Feeling Peckish?

As a SOUP member, you’ll have access to our SOUP4SOUP event. Grab a bite as a reward for your hard work!

Backstage Pass

See the convention from a different angle. Hang out backstage with the rest of STEW to learn more about what it takes to run NordicFuzzCon.


SOUP Level Perks

1 Level = 1 Sticker

Level Perk
Level 1 ⭐ Lanyards
Level 2 ⭐ SOUP Pin
Level 4 ⭐ SOUP Raffle Slot (Art Commission)
Level 5 ⭐ Scented Candle
Level 7 ⭐ SOUP Raffle Slot (Art Commission)
Level 8 ⭐ Water Bottle (limited supply)
Level 10 ⭐ Cooler Bag

Would you like to know more?

Join the SOUP briefing event (see schedule) or grab a SOUP badge at ConOps, and let the games begin!


Already up for the quest?

Then just send us an e-mail at [email protected] and we will get you up to speed! With your help we will make this magical experience come to life.

Want to join the STEW instead? Then, check out the following page: