Registration for NordicFuzzCon will open on 7th of October, 2023 at 20:00 CEST.

There are big changes coming to NFC 2024

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An annual furry convention that takes place in Sweden

We made our debut in 2013 where we had over 170 attendees from over 10 different countries. In 2023 we had 2,349 attendees from over 40 different countries, making us the largest international furry convention in Scandinavia and the third largest in Europe


We welcome you to sail the seas and ride across the Bifröst with Mausie and Iris, joining us for Ragnarök when NFC returns – for the 10th time!


Mausie and Iris here. We're both cousins and a raus. Raus meaning a rat-mouse hybrid. We love cheese and hugs!

Hello! We are the STEW

NordicFuzzCon is solely run by volunteers; they are the heart and soul of our convention.
We call them the STEW, which means STaff and crEW. They work all year round to make NFC an amazing experience for everyone, so feel free to say hi, give them a hug (always ask beforehand), and tell them about your experience!
We also want to thank them for their dedication, passion, and hard work. They are the ones who make NFC possible and awesome.
Thank you, STEW!