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A view back on NFC2013
Posted: 2013-Apr-07 20:48
Author: NewEinstein & Trax
Yes... NordicFuzzCon 2013 is over and gone for this year. But please don't despair! We will be back next year! In fact, the convention board and the two chairmen already started the planning for next year’s NFC during the late departure day.

If you want to help us make next year’s convention even more awesome, please feel free to give us feedback about what you liked and what improvements you would like to see. We are already working our way through all the feedback you gave us in our feedback boxes on location. The feedback forum is open and we will soon be sending out a small survey to all attendees of this year's NFC. The survey will be quite short and we would be very thankful if you could share your valuable opinions with us and help us improve next year's NFC.

We as chairmen have so many people to thank, without whom there would not have been a convention. That "THANKS!" goes first of all to all our hard-working staff members. Thanks a lot for all the work you put in in order to make NFC the amazing convention it became. Thanks to all who helped us as volunteers on location, and to everyone who organized and ran panels and other events! And great thanks to everyone who attended! You all contributed to the great atmosphere and made the first NordicFuzzCon a success.

Another big thank you goes to everyone who helped our charity, by donating money, by donating artwork, by buying artwork, by buying lottery tickets, by running around with our collection boxes among the attendees, etc... In the end we were just short of a nice even amount, so the board of the convention said that we will add the missing part ourselves. We can now announce that our 2013 charity, the Södertälje Katthem, received a grand total of 30.000 SEK. They were overwhelmed by your generosity and we can now forward their best wishes and greetings to all of you!

  • In the end NordicFuzzCon 2013 had 175 registrations, 172 of which checked in at the convention.
  • 75 attendees indicated that they would be fursuiting, whereas 50 suiters participated in the fursuit group photo and the conga-line parade.
  • 15 countries were present at the convention with the three largest percentages from Sweden, Norway, and the United Kingdom.
  • We had a total of 63 sponsors, for which we are very thankful. Your kind support made many things possible which we would otherwise not have been able to realize.
Maybe you also took part in our Live Upload System (Or at least have seen it)? When we closed it, 160 images had been uploaded, which will soon be compiled into an online gallery.

If you have photos and videos uploaded to other webpages or online galleries, please post a link in our Convention Photos and Video thread that can be found here. This will allow all attendees to find and enjoy your work on photos and producing the videos.

Your NFC Chairmen
NewEinstein and Trax

NFC 2013 is now over :-(
Posted: 2013-Apr-02 08:28
Author: NFC Staff
We would like to thank all our wonderful attendees that made this a truly remarkable convention and we look forward in seeing you again for NFC 2014.

Remember to also share your photos and publish any feedback you have to us. So please go to the forum and share your thoughts and photos with us.

Two upcoming things that will be published soon,
1) A gallery with all the live uploaded photos.
2) A FTP-address where you all can upload your best convention clips. We will try to sort them out and use the best clips in the convention video.

On-Location ticket sales (updated)
Posted: 2013-Mar-14 22:27
Author: NewEinstein
For those of you who missed the deadline of the online registration for NordicFuzzCon 2013 we are offering you an on-location possibility to register for standard tickets.

These tickets will be available for 900 SEK. Only payments in cash (Swedish Kronor) are accepted. The tickets can be purchased at the convention registration desk or in the ConOps office and give you access to all events during the complete convention.

Sadly we can not offer sponsor tickets for purchase on-location. Booking of accommodation in the convention hotel is possible on location as long as the complete room is booked (e.g. no single slot in a double room but a single room instead). If there are any question please contact our registration team.

Do you want to know what events will take place at NordicFuzzCon 2013?
Posted: 2013-Mar-13 22:29
Author: NewEinstein
Then why not check out the schedule which is now public on our webpage in the LIVE section. There you can see all the main events taking place during the convention and short descriptions of them.

1.5 days left to upload your con/fursuit badge
Posted: 2013-Mar-09 11:23
Author: Trax
image uploads are now closed!

Remember that the image upload will close on Sunday at 24:00. In other words, at midnight between Sunday and Monday.

So if you have a booking for NFC 2013 and want your image to show on your conbadge, then you should definitely upload your own conbadge image. The size has to be between 100-150 pixels in width and height.

Planning to fursuit?
Then upload a fursuit badge. Same criterias as a conbadge but during your booking you must have selected the "I plan to fursuit" option.

To upload the image, then follow these steps,
1a) Login
1b) Click on my account (if you are already logged in)
2) Click on upload images for badges and follow the instructions.