here we have collected a couple of questions we get fequently asked:

  • Is there a minimum age for attending the Con?
    All attendees have to be 18 or older from the first day of the convention during its complete duration.

  • When do you plan to open registration?
    Registration will open at 18:00 (6pm) on Saturday the 29th of September 2012.

  • How is the badge number assigned?
    The badge number is assigned according to the payment time (not the registration time).

  • Can I transfer my booking to someone?
    A booking transfer is possible as long as the recepient has a valid login in the system and no other booking.

  • Can I upgrade to sponsor or to another room category?
    This is possible. For room upgrades it is just needed that there is a free spot left. You can also book a double room for yourself by paying the second slot.

  • What forms of payment are accepted during the registration?
    You can use PayPal and bank transfer for the registration process.

  • What kinds of ID's are accepted for check-in?
    You must present some form of valid photo ID with your date of birth on it at Registration, such as a Passport, Driving Licence or National ID Card. If you are unsure whether your form of ID is acceptable or not, then please email [email protected] well in advance of the convention, for confirmation as to its acceptance.

  • Can I pay in installments?
    The possibility for installments is now closed. You can also pay in several installments. All installments have to be paid latest until the 15th of february. If the payment is not completed on this date the booking will be cancelled without refunds. Please note that a payment in installments is only possible by bank transfer as PayPal does not allow partial payments.

  • When will registration close?
    Registration will close at 24:00 CET on Monday the 4th of March 2013.

  • Is there anything I can do to help? / Can I join the staff?
    We have already selected our staff. But you can always opt to offer help as a volunteer during the registration process.

  • What's the best / cheapest way to get there?
    Stockholm is easy to reach by road and train within Sweden and Denmark/Norway. Guest from Finland and the Baltic states can come by ferry. For all others we recommend flights to one of the three Airports of Stockholm. More details can be found here.

  • How fursuit friendly will it be?
    We aim to make it as fursuit friendly as humanly(!) possible. If you have any tips and ideas that could help us in our strife, please contact fursuit relations. Email can be found in the staff section.

  • Do you have a mascot?
    Yes, we do. Our mascot is "Mausie" whom you can also see in the comic strip on the top of this page.

  • Is there any way I can get my art or writing in the conbook?
    Submissions for the conbook are now closed. In our first year we will only have a small conbook so there will not be enough space for writings. Detail about the art subission can be found in the conbook section.

  • Do you have a dealer's den, and how do I get a spot in there?
    We are thinking about running an artist alley or a dealers den to provide artists the possibility to sell their work and do commissions. More information will follow. Please state you interest by ticking the appropriate checkbox during the registration process. More info can be found in the dealers den section.

  • Who do I contact if I have an idea for an event or a panel?
    Event submissions are now closed. Please tick the box that you are interested to run a panel in your profile and then fill in the form that appears in your account page. You can also contact our head of events at [email protected] with your questions about events and panels.

  • Will there be free wi-fi?
    The hotel is offering free wi-fi for all attendees in the complete convention space.

  • How much is it going to cost?
    You can check our prices on this webpage under the following link: Ticket and accomodation prices

  • Are there any places to eat and drink?
    Beside the restaurant and bar in the hotel more places can be found in the shopping center nearby.

  • Will it be held the same place next year?
    At this point in time wea re not able to decide on the location for the following year.

  • Will the hotel offer a bar?
    Of course.

  • Will there be parking for cars offered?
    The hotel offers free outside parking for 45 cars (needs a daily voucher from the hotel reception) and paid parking for 28 cars in their garage (95SEK per day).

  • Will there be a disco/dance event?
    We will be offering a disco/dance on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

  • Whats the address of the convention venue?
    The address information is located here travel instructions.

  • What forms of payment are accepted during the convention?
    Typical forms of payments towards the hotel are cash and different forms of credit cards like e.g. Visa and MasterCard. In the dealers den and for the auctions only cash is accepted.

  • Is the convention only for the nordic countries?
    The convention is taking place in the nordic countries, but held internationally and we would love to see attendees from all over the world.

  • What language will the convention be in?
    The offial language used at the convention is and will be English.

  • Will there be a dead dog party?
    Yes, there will be a dead dog party on the Sunday evening.

  • When will the convention start on Thursday?
    The Opening Ceremonies begin at 16:00.

  • Do you offer day tickets during the convention?
    No, sadly we do not. But we do offer the possibility to buy a standard ticket for 900 SEK at the convention. A standard tickets give you access to the convention during all days. However you will have to find your own accomodation as booking of hotel rooms on location is not possible.

  • Does the hotel require a deposit at check-in?
    Yes. The hotel will request a 500SEK (or 70EUR) cash deposit during check-in on arrival. The deposit will cover any damage to the hotel room. Please note that it's cash only. A cash machine can be found around the corner from the hotel.

  • So do you mean that i will get 500SEK back when i check out?
    We have gotten a lot of questions about the deposition and that it feels a bit useless to be getting 500SEK back when you check out. You can use this money to pay what you have bought on your badge. Meaning if you buy food/drinks on your badge you can use this deposit after you check out to cover this.
    Note: The deposit is to cover any damages done to your hotel room. If any damage is found then this deposit will be used to cover this. The hotel staff will check your room when you check out.

  • Can i buy food/drinks on my badge?
    Yes this will be possible if you are a residental attendee. It will not be possible for those that do not live at the hotel.

  • Where will it be held?
    The convention will be held at Quality Hotel Winn Haninge, Stockholm/Sweden. Please see this link for more information.

  • Do I need to get my own accomodation?
    We will offer accomodation in the convention hotel through our booking system. But you are of course free to stay somewhere else and just buy a attending-only ticket.

  • Are pets allowed in the hotel?
    We will not offer any rooms that allow pets to be brought along.

  • Can three people sleep in a two-person room?
    Sadly we will not be able to offer that possibility this year.

  • Is it allowed to bring food and drinks into the hotel rooms?
    Yes it is. Due to Swedish laws it is just not allowed to bring alcoholic drinks bought externally into hotel premises.

  • Do the rooms have a minibar?
    Rooms in the category "Superior" offer a minibar.

  • How long will "do-not-disturb" signs be respected?
    If you put out a "do-not-disturb" sign on your door the hotel staff will not come in before 11 o'clock. After that they are allowed to enter your room for a check even with the sign put out.

  • Are room parties allowed?
    Room parties are allowed as long as other attendees are not disturbed.

  • Will there be breakfast offered at the hotel?
    The hotel offers breakfast. This is included in the price for all residential attendees.

  • Do you have rooms available which are suited for handicapped furs?
    Please contact [email protected] before you book if you have any special needs.

  • Can I book an entire double room for myself?
    For double rooms it is possible to book the second slot for yourself. Four-bed rooms have to be used by four attendees.

  • How does Early arrival / Late departure work?
    If you reside in a non-single room you might have to move to another room for early arrival / late departure, unless everyone else in the room also has early arrival / late departure.

  • What is the checkin time for rooms at the hotel?
    You can check in after 15:00. Depending on availabilitiy an earlier check-in may be possible.

  • What is the checkout time for the hotel?
    You have to check out of the hotel before 12:00 on Sunday and 10:00 on Monday (late departure).

  • I don't have a room. Can I still get breakfast?
    For our residential attendees a breakfast buffet is included in the roomprice. If you have not booked a room you can use the breakfast buffet as well gainst a fee of 125 SEK (per day, to be paid directly to the hotel).

If you can not find the answer to your question here please contact the corresponding staff member.