Scandic Infra City

Stockholm, Sweden

March 9-12, 2017
5th Year
The registration is currently closed and will open again during NordicFuzzCon.
If you have not yet signed up, then you can do so during the convention.


SamuraiOrSuper Kawaii?

NordicFuzzCon is Scandinavia's largest furry convention, taking place annually in Sweden.

Interested in drawing? Fursuiting? Gaming? Dancing? Or just having fun? Then this convention just might be for you! We got the fuzz, you bring the fur!

Japan: Samurai or Super Kawaii?

We explore Japan, from its noble and ancient past to its hyper mega sugoi present.

Guest of Honour

New York-bred fursuiter, dancer,
artist, and pooch: JD Puppy!

Swedish artist extraordinaire:


Our charity is Fågelcentralen,
which is focused on the
rehabilitation of wild birds.