This year at NordicFuzzCon, we're proud to unveil our latest development in recognising talent. We feel that many local artists, writers, and others of creative temperament aren't getting the recognition they deserve.

We are always looking to boost the best of the home-grown talents and showcase some of the brightest lights in the Scandinavian skies. Therefore we're rolling out the glittering carpet that we like to call Northern Light – a feature of our convention where we select local creative types to exhibit portions of their work and add a local Scandinavian flavour to the con.

First to step into the limelight is the delightful Spocha, often represented as a black-and-white border collie.

She's always enjoyed drawing cartoon animals from a tender age - when she reached 13, however, Spocha discovered that she was not alone in this. Her drive for drawing fluffy creatures was shared by a wider community. Following in their footsteps, she took to watercolours (though she didn’t dabble in them!).

Now a respected freelance artist for 10 years, she has built up a respectable career illustrating children’s books, creating character designs for video games and animation, and contributing art for Swedish youth magazine KP (also known as Kamratposten). One achievement (which is a most interesting coincidence) is that she has had her artwork exhibited in the Northern Lights Gallery in Gamla Stan! (You might say it’s written in the stars!)

Spocha's place in the spotlight is one that we feel is richly deserved, for she has contributed to one of Sweden's most widely-cherished traditions: the Swedish Radio's Christmas/Advent Calendar. Holding a candle in the hearts of population of Sweden, the annual event of the Radio Advent Calendar is one contribution that Spocha feels is her most proud accomplishment. Having put her mark on the Swedish psyche made her an ideal candidate to display for our Northern Light feature.

We're delighted to have the chance to hold our own showcase of her work at NFC - she's also honouring us with artwork created specially for NordicFuzzCon! Spocha will also be holding panels where she'll be demonstrating how she works at her art, to teach and inspire others in the ways of the brush.

But don't simply take our word for it – if you’d like to sample her artwork right away, we’re happy to direct you to her pages on:


and Tumblr:

and her own website:

Spocha is looking forward to meeting and greeting with her fellow artists, old friends and new. So make sure to drop by and say hi (and bring lots of candy)!