Svenska Djurambulansen - the NordicFuzzCon charity for 2019

NordicFuzzCon is proud to support our charity for 2019: Svenska Djurambulansen (in Swedish only, sorry). Svenska Djurambulansen (the Swedish animal ambulance) is a non-profit association which transports hurt and sick animals like dogs, cats, small pets, birds and small wild animals. Their mission is to transport the animals to veterinarian or wildlife-experts so the animals can get the care that they need.

It was founded in 2008 by William Wright. One day, he found a cat that had been hit by a car and was shocked to find no official services that could transport and help it. So he started a non-profit animal ambulance himself. Today, 10 years later, one-hundred and forty volunteers are involved!

Djurambulansen at work

Like Svenska Djurambulansen say, animals cannot call for help themselves, so it is up to us to be their voice. If someone finds an animal in need, they can simply call Svenska Djurambulansen, and they will come and pick it up and transport it to a place where it can get help. Every year, they receive over 11.000 phone calls and respond to more than 3000 emergencies!

The people who work there are all unpaid volunteers. The charity does not get any state funds. Nevertheless, every emergency response that they perform is free thanks to donations from private individuals. They rely entirely on one-time donations as well as monthly or yearly subscribers to be able to help the suffering animals.

Svenska Djurambulansen currently only operates in the Västra Götaland and Stockholm counties, but their goal is to become available in the whole of Sweden. To reach that goal they will need more support, so they can help out animals in need everywhere. This is where you come in!

Together, we can help them help the animals.

You can make a real difference!

How can you help?

  • Donate an item using this form
  • Buy lottery tickets at the lottery booth in the lobby
  • Bid on charity items in the art show
  • Donate to the fursuiters with NFC donation bags
  • Attend and donate at the charity concert
  • Buy tickets for the paid charity events. They are really something special! Tickets are limited, so buy them fast.