Theme - Introduction

The sunlight’s been gone for weeks. You stop to watch where you’re putting your feet on the slippery ground, seeing the mist from your breath in the dry, frosty air.

You’re in Stockholm, on a silent night in the deep midwinter, treading on fresh snow and finding patches of ice in the dark, winding alleyways of the Old Town.

Clutching your coat closer and shivering, you hastily turn the corner to escape a cold breeze - only to be greeted by the most amazing sight! A busy cobble courtyard, packed with bright colours, smiling faces, and electric lamps glowing magically through the falling snow. Freshly made treats and decorations adorn the market stalls, the smell of gingerbread cookies wafting through the streets - it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Candles flicker in their holders behind the windows above the square, where creatures both great and small hang up their oversized stockings, looking out over the glimmering city and the endless snowfall. All of them excitedly await the arrival of the one-and-only Mausie, bearing gifts from far and wide!

NordicFuzzCon proudly presents this year’s cosy new theme - Yuletide!
Come one, come all, to the most wonderful time of the year - wishing joy to all people, and a merry Winter Howliday!

A style guide with a more detailed description of our theme may be found here.

Role playing game character sheet and dice