The Haunted House returns

Solstice Slaughter

In the deepest and darkest of winter all that is grows is long dead, one must sing and dance loud enough to keep the beasts of frost from one's door. But take the wrong turning on that snowy forest path, leave the warmth of your house at the wrong time of night, and your life is forfeit. We wait for you in the cold dark corners of the world, we will feast on your hot blood when you make a wrong step!

MIDVINTERBLOT! The Lords of the Solstice shall devour you!

The Haunted House Shall Return. NordicFuzzCon 2019.

Do not stray from the path. Winter has come.

Volunteers Needed!

If you are interested in trying out your scaring skills, helping with construction and setup or just cleaning up after the event we have need of your help! You will get a guaranteed time slot at the haunt as a reward. Stay tuned for an announcement about how to apply!


Dare to meet them inside your favourite haunted house?