Fursuits - Gotta Catch 'Em All

Take a walk in the majestic winter wonderland that is all around you, and you just might notice the local fauna. Creatures of all kinds are running around in the snowy landscape, laughing, playing and being silly. Why not join them in a friendly chase?

How it works is very simple: volunteer fursuiters at the convention who have signed up for the game will have a special code on their fursuit badge. When you find a suiter, maybe jumping around out in the snow or enjoying a glass of eggnog in front of a cosy fireplace, politely ask to see their badge.

You enter this special code into your account on the NFC website or into the NFC app, thus "capturing" the suiter. The goal of the game is to capture as many suiters as you can, and the player who finds the most suiters will be declared winner at the closing ceremony.

Fursuiters can choose to join in this game of chase during registration, but are of course free to opt out.