Party Bus – Meet & Greet

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This year we are bringing a bit of student culture into NFC by arranging a special meet & greet, which is going to take place during the early arrival day (Tuesday, 26th of February). We are offering four unique trips, each with their own different time schedule for those interested (see more below). A limited amount of tickets can be bought for all four scheduled journeys and will consist of a journey around the wintry suburbs of Infra City, a stamp card used as payment on the bus and a small secret collectible gift provided at the end of each journey. The stamp card can be used to obtain up to 5-6 alcoholic beverages (up to 6 drinks still applies) from the Party Bus’s own bar. Note that you must be 20 years or older to receive alcohol.

While two of the first two journeys (journey 1 and 2) will collide with the Floating Christmas Smörgåsbord event, the two remaining departures (journey 3 and 4) can be caught even if you are participating in that event.

The length of each of the four journeys will be an hour and 30 minutes. Prior to the departure and start of each journey, there will be a gathering next to the reception and an estimated span of 15-20 minutes for boarding at the main hotel. Additionally, during the journey, there will be an estimated 30-minute pit stop where people have the option to take some fresh air outside or to stay cozy in the warmth of the bus. The bus will then return to the main hotel.

Journey/Ticket Boarding Departure Return
Party Bus 1 16:45 17:00 18:30
Party Bus 2 18:45 19:00 20:30
Party Bus 3 20:45 21:00 22:30
Party Bus 4 22:45 23:00 00:30


I am under 20 years old. Can I drink?

Due to Swedish law we can not distribute alcohol to any person under the age of 20. As such, if you are younger than 20 during the trip you are welcome to the party, however your stamp card will be marked as alcohol free, and you will only be able to get alcohol free drinks from the bar.

Am I allowed to fursuit?

While you are more than welcome to fursuit, we recommend on skipping fursuiting for this event, due to the high risk of spillage of beverages and other consumables, which could possibly damage your fursuit. Additionally, there is no sufficient space to take off the fursuit or to store it safely. If you still want to bring a fursuit we strongly advise a partial suit.

Can I take my own beverages or snacks with me?

You are free to bring your own alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages. You are also allowed to bring snacks with you, with the exception of it being or containing peanuts, almonds and other nuts, due to airborne allergy concerns/risks.

I missed my journey, is there anything that can be done?

We will try our best to find an empty seat for you on the next following journey, though there is no guarantee that there will be an available seat. Compromise and further details can be obtained by asking one of the organizers located near the Party Bus – Meet & Greet gathering area, which is located next to the main hotel reception.

What can I acquire using the stamp card?

You are able obtain beverages from the Party Bus’s own mini bar staffed by us at NFC. The beverages that can be obtained using the stamp cards slots range from alcoholic drinks/cocktails, beers, ciders, shots, sparkling and non-sparkling wines to non-alcoholic beverages such as certain drinks/cocktails, soft drinks and most importantly, plentiful of water (water is free). Note that the stamp card can only be used at the “Party Bus – Meet & Greet” and not in the hotel's own bar.

For further information that has not been listed here, please feel free to contact:
Email: [email protected]
Telegram: @Swiftnote

Note: There may be some delay on replies and answers during the days surrounding the Party Bus - Meet & Greet event.