What makes a convention are the attendees. And we have a lot of attendees with a lot of different interests. So we want You to share what You can with all of us. Which also makes it so much easier for us to bring a great con to you.

This is where you come in. Do you have something you would like to see? Could you help make it happen? Just let us know. We appreciate all ideas. Many of our smaller events are made possible by attendees. If you feel the call, please let us know. Start editing this form and we will help you make an awesome event out of it. All we need for now is your name, email and a working title. We will then help you make a wonderful event out of it. You will get a link at the end of the form, please save it for later editing.

If you have an idea let us know, you can back out if you do not feel up to it. But maybe someone else has picked up your ball and is running it for you. Here are some of the events we hope to be able to hold to pique your interest.

Other events


Floating Christmas Smörgåsbord (Buffét)
This year's excursion will be a grand triplet of the amazing waterfront of the capital of Sweden, the unique flavours of traditional Swedish food in a massive Smörgåsbord and a boat trip, seeing the winter sun set over Stockholm and how the winter lights of the magic city make the snow twinkles in the dark. More information can be found on the event page.
Party Bus – Meet & Greet
Are you an early arrival that would like to experience a bit of student culture? On the 26th of February, we are organizing a Party Bus – Meet & Greet that will tour around the surrounding areas of Infra City. Meet new friends or hang around with other furs you came across online or prior and feel free to visit our own minibar with student pub prices and is located at the Party Bus. Tickets and more information can be found here.
Café Snowglobe
NFCs famous maid cafe returns yet again, this year with a wintery theme. We welcome all guests to The Snowglobe. More information can be found on the Café Snowglobe page.
Glögg Sampling
The sweeter mulled wine of Scandinavia does come in a number of flavours, best enjoyed with the traditional pastries that arrive at this time of year. Both flavoured with the spices of the time, that came from the far orient at this time of year.
Afternoon Waffles
Wednesday Waffles is a cherished tradition for the Stockholm furries, but we do not limit ourselves to just opening day, EVERY afternoon is Waffle Weekday.
International Snack Exchange
We hope to bring back the traditional snack exchange, beware of hidden chillies.

Show off

Strut Your Stuff
Come and show off what you have made and built, on stage.
Furries Got Talent
Show off what you can do, also on stage.
Sing for us, and you, and everyone.


Fursuit Games
Holidays are fun and games, especially fursuit games, where likeminded fuzzies compete about being the cutest and most helpful critters around. Mausie can use all the help he can get! Come partake in the endeavors, or join the audience to watch the spectacle.
Fursuit Charades
Fursuiters perform and the audience has to guess what or whom they try to resemble.
Fursuit Parade
Of course we will parade our fursuits through the venue, and for the public.
Fursuit Zoo
And also invite them over to see them in our zoo.


Music Café
Here is your opportunity to show off your own things, a little lighter but still with a lot of skill.
Come shake your tail to pre-recorded music, or maybe even live performances.
Storyteller’s Circle
Bring your short stories and listen to what others brought.
Drawing Corner
Open (almost) always, with pens and papers and friends to sit and draw alone or together.


Bouncy Castle
*bounce bounce bounce* One of the bouncy castles returns this year. Bounce all you want through-out most parts of the convention.
Nerf Gun War
Bring your own gun, or borrow one, “Cry Havoc! and let loose the dogs of war.”
Try the arcade games, borrow and play a card or board game, or join any of the pen and paper role playing games going on.
Sing Along
Come and howl along to your favourite songs.

And much more…

We need help from you

A lot of panels and events are run by attendees, including theme specific ones. Have a look around the website or give ConOps a visit during the convention if you feel like helping out. Alternatively - here’s a list of examples from previous and hopefully upcoming conventions if you need some inspiration:

  • Secret Santa
  • Animal makeup get together
  • We need sommeliers for the glögg tasting
  • Making of jewelry
  • How to make good furry convention videos
  • Songwriter's round table
  • Cards Against Humanity/Furries
  • Contemporary animal ethics
  • Anything My Little Pony
  • Whatever you can imagine

Pictures from Past Events